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Sustainability that cooks up deliciously every time?

USA Rice is empowering operators to deliver on consumers’ demands for great tasting food that’s local, sustainable and good for them. Now the group is partnering with leading restaurant chains, including P.F. Chang’s, to celebrate National Rice Month and donate food to hungry families across the country.

Through a secured partnership with P.F. Chang’s, we spread awareness to more than 78K Twitter followers, nearly 5M Facebook visitors, and 4.42M guests—and easily met the donations cap of 1M meals for hungry folks.

A good story…
made even better

The Story:

We love rice. Thank goodness we’re working with USA Rice—the global advocate for the US Rice industry—to aid in the promotion of US-grown rice. The good news (and it’s all good news) is that US-grown rice delivers on some of the most important and on-trend consumer demands concerning the foods they want to eat away from home. Consumers are becoming increasingly vocal, both online and with their wallets, in demanding that restaurant brands align with their values. Smart operators are responding by offering nutritious, locally produced and sustainable menu items. But, which of these operators should we partner up with? Lucky for us we have a full-time team of 15 selling chefs, all working out of our Chicago innovation center. They put their heads together (figuratively, not literally) and assessed their deep relationships with the top 300 chains to identify candidates whose brands and menus aligned with the USA Rice value proposition. Sleeves were rolled. Meetings were had. Big plans were made. In the end, it all led to a dynamic partnership with P.F. Chang’s for one of the most productive National Rice Month promotions in history. It generated over a million hits on social media and a million donations to hungry families. Good for us; even better for driving awareness to a worthy cause.