Rock star strategy?

It was planning season, once again. Our client wanted to inform and add current insights to their annual planning process. Block out the noise; amp up the key issues for a strategy that really rocks.

This day-long program helped structure and inform our client’s strategic planning process. The team rallied around an immersive approach to assessing relevant industry trends and changes—then analyzed them within the context of their business. In a word, the resulting strategy jams.

State of the Industry Planning Workshop

The Story:

Attend a conference, check your inbox, or meet with a customer. What do you see? Change is everywhere. But how can you separate the key issues from the rest of the noise? Our client needed a killer strategic plan and wanted to make sure the process was best-in-class, informed by the most relevant market data. We answered this ask by tapping into our unique dialogues, as well as our close operator and distributor relationships, to create a dynamic and challenging annual planning program. The workshop included an in-depth industry overview that delved deeply into current market dynamics, pinpointing the major drivers that would have the greatest impact on our client. Of course there was a hands-on culinary trend element so the team could taste what all the excitement was about. We then facilitated a working session with the cross-functional team to create an action plan. As a result, our client was able to quiet the riot and create strategic success. Now that’s music to our ears.