A healthier relationship.

Our client, a Top 10 restaurant chain, promised to make substantial inroads in reducing sodium across its broad menu. Keep the flavor and brand identity in, take some of the sodium out. Easier said than done.

Intensive recipe re-development ushered in a mind-blowing 10%+ sodium reduction on a variety of menu applications.

A dramatic transformation
...that no one will notice.

The Story:

So a lot of the work we do is confidential. It’s protected by NDA’s, which is totally understandable. And those obligations are sometimes enforced by scary lawyers, real Boris and Natasha types. We don’t want to make them mad, so we hope you forgive the mysterious lack of details. You understand. Anyway…our client, Big Chain X, embraced a sodium reduction initiative across its unusually large menu. With FDA menu labeling regulations right around the corner this effort had a heightened sense of urgency. Phase One entailed reducing sodium levels by more than ten percent across the entire menu. Dozens of items were affected. Our in-house team of registered dietitians and chefs tackled this task one menu item at time. We tapped into a variety of cutting-edge ingredient technologies along with good old fashioned culinary creativity to amp up the flavor while pulling sodium out of the nutritionals. We were all super happy with the results because in the end, you couldn’t tell we’d done a thing. Consumer triangle tests largely indicated minimal differences in before and after perceived satisfaction and purchase intent.