Smithfield featured pig image

That will happen when pigs fly.

Well, they’re flying. Pork powerhouse Smithfield has repositioned a tired cut to resonate with consumer trends and operator needs.

We overcame impossible odds as Smithfield surpassed first year sales expectations, reinforcing the notion that the sky is the limit.

Come on. Pigs don’t really have wings.
Or do they?

The Story:

Smithfield, the global leader in all things pork, (Isn’t that a delicious title to have?) was seeking to capitalize on processing efficiencies by repositioning a stagnant category. Start with the bone in shank, and French it. It’s a great cut but perhaps a little under-appreciated. It cooks up great, but operators didn’t exactly know what to do with it. It needed a culinary strategy that aligned it with an operator need, such as generating incremental appetizer sales. Add a little marketing spin and… Voila! It’s a Pig Wing! Portable, capable of driving sales, and just plain fun. But how would CSSI help explain it to the industry? First, we needed a high impact graphic identity that let operators know what this product was, and just as importantly, that it was from Smithfield. Then it was all about broker training to get the message out, and empowering the operator with high impact POS to drive patron trial. And try ‘em they did, by the ton. Who knew pigs had wings? And that we would help them fly off the shelves?