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See me, see you…C&U?
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Wait…what’s the best approach to building demand for products the C&U segment? While we’re at it, what about B&I, recreation, schools and so on? A leading global foodservice manufacturer (Client “Z”) targeted the onsite market for enhanced focus and growth but knew that the best practices to take their business to the next level are constantly evolving.

Client team members from all customer-facing functional areas participated in a strategic immersion workshop that renewed their understanding of the market, changes at key customers and best practices, empowering their ability to partner with the diverse customer touch points of major onsite operators.

Onsite Best Practice
Workshop and Immersion

Growth targets for the onsite channel were ambitious. Only a sales and customer marketing team aligned on best practices for driving growth would maximize results in this critical space.

The Story:

Three of the top ten restaurant chains are the mega onsite operators. This presents an opportunity that’s as large as it is complex. Between navigating the always-different dynamic between the operator and the local client, the GPO and the many touch points throughout the operator’s headquarters and field teams, there’s a lot to process—and master. Consequently, our Strategy and Insights team put together a custom two-day best practices program that combined classroom sessions with site visits, expert panel discussions and breakout brainstorming—bringing our client’s cross-functional team to a whole new level of expertise in this sector. From understanding market structure to expectations of partners on a national, regional and local level, our client’s team had the opportunity to grow their ability to engage with today’s mega onsite operators.