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Just leaf it to us.

Innovative produce grower Mann Packing is about as customer-focused as anyone out there. So much so, they can even grow lettuce to a uniform leaf size that’s perfect for burger applications.

The stars aligned, and the Better Burger Leaf from Mann Packing was featured on a premium burger that launched nationwide into 1,500+ units of a major chain.

Making a better burger,
even better...

The Story:

How cool would it be if the lettuce you need added color, flavor and zip to your burgers and arrived with every leaf the perfect size—not too big, and not too small? No shrink; minimal handling back of house. It’s almost like it would be a Better Burger Leaf. Well, it exists—and that’s what Mann’s called it. Our 15 full-time classically trained selling chefs LOVE this product and were convinced that the chain restaurant community would too. But, how to get the word out? Let’s be honest, menu developers and buyers are not thinking about lettuce all the time—they have lots of other fish to fry (…burgers to grill?). It all started with creating a culinary selling strategy, profiling the best chain customers for product demos. Of course, we worked alongside the great Mann’s sales team every step of the way. A few delicious ideations with prospective customers later—coupled with the right distribution, packaging and pricing—and we were in, or actually on, the burgers at a top 5 burger chain (sorry, we can’t tell you who). We like the taste of that.